Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Let’s Make Toy Together

Nowadays, children do not make toys by themselves as toys can be found and bought everywhere.
In my childhood, my parents did not buy any toy for me. I made toys with my own hands. I still remember the toys I made as I was a girl. Here is one of them, let’s try to make it.


In the center of the top of the two cans, make two little holes, through which the ends of the wire can pass. This, tied in a knot, will not come undone even under the light pressure necessary for keeping it tight (as per figure 21). You need an empty space big enough for the wire to be extended its entire length. One person will be on one end with the can at her or his ear and another person will be at the other end with the can to her or his mouth. The conversation can start, with better results if the wire is coated with wax or shoe polish.

Boys and girls,
do you know the tools, mechanics and physical principles applied in this handmade toy telephone?

If yes, do leave your answer in the comment colume.

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