Technology Around Us

Here is the slide create by me with the hope that will benefits my pupils by selflearning. Let's have a look.
Let's wrap up !

ü      There are limitations to human abilities.
ü      We cannot memorise too many numbers, jump too high or read from a long distance.
ü      Devices are used to overcome human limitations.
ü      Microscopes and magnifying glasses are devices used to see fine objects.
ü      Microphones  and telephones enable someone far away to hear us.
ü      Cars and aeroplanes allow us to travel far.
ü      The development of technology is for the betterment of mankind.
ü      Technology is invented to solve problems in our daily life.
ü      Technology has its advantages and disadvantages.
ü      Technology can benefit mankind if used wisely.


Choose the correct answer.
1.  Which of the following is beyond the abilities of human beings?
A  Reading a 100-page book
B  Listening to an approaching train
C  Observing bacteria with our naked eyes
D  Remembering an eight-digit telephone number

2.   Telescope is invented to overcome a human limitation of _________________.
A  Inability to see far objects
B  Inability to hear soft sounds
C  Inability to carry heavy loads
D  Inability to speak loud

3.   Which of the following statements best describe what technology is?
A  The use of science to explore the universe
B  The invention of new things and products
C  The use of science to produce new drugs and cures
D  The use of inventions to help us overcome our limitations

4.   The inability of humans to lift extremely heavy objects like cars can be solved by using a
A  crane
B  hearing aids
C  night vision goggle
D  metal detector

5.   X-ray is used to overcome the limitation of
A  ears
B  eyes
C  legs
D  nose

6.   Which of the following devices is invented to overcome the limitations of human brain?
A  Bicycle
B  Binocular
C  Computer
D  Stethoscope

7.   In ancient times,animals were used for transportation. Which of the followinganimals wre used?
I    camels                                                     II  cows
III  elephants                                               IV horses
 A   I, II and III only                                    
 B   I, III and IV only   
 C   II, III and IV only                                 
 D   I, II, III and IV

8.   Which of the following devices allow humans to watch the World Cup?
A  Telephone
B  Satelite
C  Bicycle
D  Car

9.   What will happen to humans if we use technology wisely?
A  Technology can be dangerous
B  Technology can cause disasters
C  Technology can benefit mankind
D  Technology can cause bad health

10. Humans design a device to
A  become rich
B  get more money
C  become popular
D  solve problems

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  1. Of course human beings have too much limitations in our lifes...such as we cant fly, cantrun too fast in a longer periond, cant see things far away or things too small, and many orthee we need the technology to help us to overcome those limitation...